Flying the A380 from Dubai to a busy Toronto int'l

Hey IFC! I decided to fly a long haul A380 route fro Dubai to Toronto, this route is now flown by the B77W but i flew this route in real life with the A380 it was my first time on double decker plane and it was amazing! I would like to thank @iplaygames for joining me :) Hope you enjoy!

Flight Details

Server- Expert
Route- OMDB to CYYZ
Flight time- 14hrs 4mins
Cruising altitude- FL340
Airlines- Emirates
Aircraft- A380

  1. Preparing the aircraft for pushback

  1. The world’s largest passenger plane lifts off!

  1. Flying over Iran

  1. First class view as we fly over Norway

  1. Moonshot over the North Atlantic Ocean

  1. Over Ottawa reaching Toronto

  1. Approaching CYYZ

  1. Final runway 33R

  1. Touch down at Toronto Pearson int’l airport!

  1. Parked in CYYZ

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Nice pictures, and i liked number 5 the most. I like moonshots


Amazing pictures! the A380 it’s such an amazing aircraft. hopefully sometime in the future it gets reworked. Keep it up!

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Thank you :) this is my second time taking a moonshot picture

Thank you so much! I really hope it gets reworked this year :)

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Finally something that isn’t the 757, 777 or A350! lol

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yeah the A380 (and MANY other planes) need to be reworked as soon as possible

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Thank you @AvioesEJogos :)

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If you wish to continue, go to the A380 Rework thread

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You made it look like the A380 got a rework, which fooled me for a sec!

Well anyways great picture, I should fly the A380 again!


Haha! I should also fly the 747

If you fly only the fancy new planes, good luck getting used to its horrible physics 😛


That’s true, landing the A380 was hard for me

You have a good point there!

Nice flight!

Pictures five and eight are my favorite!!

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It was not that hard (well for me)


I kinda slammed it on the runway -400fpm


I landed at like 100 fpm

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Woah that’s good!

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True but i have done smoother ones before

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