Flying the 787-10

Well… It handles amazingly for such a large aircraft. And now what everyone is thinking about, does it tailstrike easily, yes it does. I finally understand how much flair it needs for a smooth landing (barely any) and how much rotation on takeoff (again, barely any) I’d recommend it to anyone used to long aircraft like the 777s and maybe 757s. All hail Lord 787-10 Pencil


At what degrees pitch does it tail strike?


Can tell you exactly but a little above the first line.

It’s a real beauty!

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Sure is! You should see her taking off :)

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I saw an ANA one take off, and a United one land at Seattle about 15 minutes ago - it looks very cool in action :)

What callsign? If it was United 806 then it was me xD But yeah they’re beautiful!

I was Honey Badger / Quantum 1 787-8 in Boeing house livery. It could well have been you I saw!


lets be honest, the 787-10 doesnt look that bad in game

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dammit android user

Hmm… to me the update still needs some tinkering. I love that they do Apple last so they can fix up some bugs with it. Also the hommie 757 won’t be happy about this.


Hey yeah I saw you! Haha nice flying!

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Yeh there’s a new pencil in town

And hommie 757 isn’t happy about the new pencil.

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It looks better than I though it would be, I am considering buying the 787-9 though as it looks easier for taxiing

the 787 in general is hard for taxiing

True, but the -10 is definitely the hardest IMO

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I can not wait to fly 787-10 EL AL Do you think I enjoy


You someone show me 787-10 EL AL

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