Flying the 747 400 to Brisbane, arriving with 1% fuel

Two days ago I flew from Los Angeles to Brisbane, using the 747-400 for the first time. In Los Angeles the fuel tanks were completely refuelled, but after landing I had only 600kg fuel left, so it was pretty tight :D Anyways, enjoy the screenshots

Flight Time: 13h 53min
Server: Expert

Standing at the gate

Taxiing to the runway

Lining up on 25R



Nice wingview of Fiji

Reaching the Australian coast

Touchdown in Brisbane

Reached parking position


Wow 1%fuel?

Yep, until just before Brisbane, I wasn’t sure if the fuel would be enough.

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Wow :0

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Nice photos! The B747 especially in the game isn’t very fuel efficient

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Lovely pictures 🤩

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