Flying the 737 BBJ

The 737 BBJ and -700 are visually similar, yet somewhat unique in real life. But how about in IF? With the exception of auto approach, are there any noticeable differences in the way these aircraft fly? I’ve flown both, but would like some feedback on this.

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The BBJ seems more maneuverable.


The BBJ has ground effect


The BBJ will get you… slightly farther when global is a thing.


The BBJ doesnt seat that many pax.

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What’s “ground effect”?

Check this;


That makes sense, thanks!


Sorry what is the BBJ? It’s in IF? And has autoland??

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You can have it for free if you have at least 20 purchases in the game. (IAP’s). It has autoland.

The BBJ is the Boeing 737-700 business Jet. It’s only available with 20 in app purchases (IAP) or the purchase of live+

What liveries does it have? I think I have it! (Air Force one?)

Yes that’s the jets :)

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Air Force, Private liveries and old IF livery planes. It’s like a plane for VIP people who spend more money in the simulator.

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So does this particular IF aircraft exhibit the characteristics of ground effect during takeoff and landing?

@W4RRI0R Yes, along with the 787 family, a320 family, dash 8, c-130 family, f-14, maybe others. Its very useful as it allows you to land at low speeds smoothly

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