Flying Taxi's Might Come To The US? (And Its Not Airbus)

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Hello and well… You though you heard it all huh? Rats grounding flights, ATC on the verge of being “retired” from The FAA, and the safest year in aviation in history? Well, lets not think about the past…as this company has. Tomorrow at Las Vegas, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) on the strip announced that Bell Helicopters would be “representing a new feature at tomorrow’s show” ! As I am not excited tomorrow anyway, I suggested on giving you some facts on their presentation.

Insight On The Action (Their View):

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  • This beauty was supposedly going to be the show stealer at tomorrow’s event. I am however having mixed feelings about if this is real… The four passenger urban air taxi will provide video conferencing capability. “The future of urban air taxi is closer than many people realize. We believe in the positive impact our design will have on addressing transportation concerns in cities worldwide,” says the CEO. It is said the week during the CES, there will be a realty simulator inside the air taxi to portray real life scenarios! There will supposedly going to be “cross city day and night trips” inside as well. The air taxi as well, has no regrets for its future in the coming years! The aircraft is taking its toll as plans to partner with large-scale deployment of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

`` Partnerships: As the company is already making deals, Bell Helicopter plans on partnering with Uber!
More Insight: Uber plans on partnering with Bell to help get this vehicle out there. They plan on working together to get the aircraft FAA Approved! The deals are taking place everywhere and Uber wants a bite to eat at the buffet!

How they plan to release the aircraft: As of right now the only information they have provided (before CES) is that they plan on “being able to use a variety of power plants; have both civil passenger and military logistics applications; and likely be certified under the FAA’s new powered-lift category developed for tiltrotors. Uber believes urban air taxis can be operated for a cost near $1.32 per mile, about one-third of the price of operating a turbine helicopter.”, which means more money

My Review On The Topic: I believe that this is a much bigger cover up then it already is. I am wanting to hear what happens tomorrow at the Convention and what plays out. So far, the event is lasting all week as of Tuesday and I plan to know more about the Air Taxi! As previous threads are being released about air taxi’s none are actually going into the public to speak freely about their topic! I am excited to hear what they say and I am a little nervous on the outcome of if this is fake.

Mainly, If this is a real life event and Bell Helicopter does plan to take this to the next level, this might change the future of “public” air transport for ages!

Let me know what you think! My name is Ryan, you just heard simple aviation, have a good year folks!


Uhh, no thanks I already have trust issues with driverless cars.


Seems like something that may come 20 years from now for the wealthy yawns

I would say no considering the way our congress and president think. then again it would be cool but take away lots of jobs.

Nah! This is just another brick wall idea. Sounds cool, looks cool but I doubt we will see something like this anytime soon. I’m all for innovation but…we were supposed to have flying cars already. Or maybe I’m just a Debbie Downer 🤷‍♂️

Awesome report Ryan! I definitely look forward to flying cars, however I think the biggest issues will be ATC. As there has even been incidents with drones and aircrafts almost colliding. Also, I hope there is a human pilot at all times since systems can sometimes malfunction.

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