Flying TAP? Word of Warning

Hi Guys, Just a word of warning if you are going to be flying TAP…

They apparently follow some sort of safety regulations that do not allow you to take photographs out of the window…

I think this is complete and utter rubbish and I am about to put it to the test by asking other airlines if it is ok to take pictures out of the window.

Just be aware!

Here is their actual tweet.

And here are the airlines that say otherwise

Etihad -

American Airlines -

JetBlue -

Virgin Atlantic -

Flybe -

Southwest -

Vueling -

WestJet -


Lufthansa -

Transavia -

Icelandair -

Emirates -


I won’t be flying TAP in a hurry!

Same BS when the FA tells you to close your window blind, especially during night flights. How about no? I don’t get to see the world from above every day. I find the lack of understanding really, really disturbing.


Welcome to the post-9/11 world guys


TAP are the only airline to say that, I have asked a whole host of airlines who say otherwise

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I’m just saying that as a general idea. There has been a terrible paranoia epidemic for 15 years


I won’t be fly TAP any time soon anyway they come no where near Ireland or NI.

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I guess we can’t look at the wing views for the IF TAP A320 now…

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I have updated the original post with airlines that disagree with TAP!


I love the way so many airlines responded. Fair play to them, I will also not be flying TAP in a while.

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I am not going to Portugal anytime soon, let alone TAP (Yay!).

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