Flying TAP to Faro

Hello people, yesterday was a nice day to fly. So I decided to look on FR24 for a short flight to Faro (the hub).
I found the TAP route LPPT-LPFR. So I flew it… with the TAP a320.
Enjoy :)

Flight Information

Route 🧭: LPPT-LPFR
Aircraft ✈️: TAP Air Portugal a320
Flight Time ⏰: 54 minutes


Takeoff from LPPT

Gear down

On final in a surprisingly empty Faro

The clam reverse thrusters from the a320, we’ve arrived safely in Faro

Thanks for viewing, enjoy the rest of your day ✌️


The final landing shot is SPECTACULAR !!


Thank you😊

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Great pictures 🔥 them reverse thrusters tho 😍🤤 amazing

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Thanks mate :)

Looks sick!

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Cheers mate