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Hi when I fly airplanes on the game i can only 330 before going over speed why is that? Because I see other airplanes going 500+. is the higher you are the faster you can go.How can I go 500+ But not over be speeding? Thanks I will like help back.

Carson Reed.

Hey there!

The 500 kt speed you are probably referencing to is ground speed which is totally different to indicated airspeed.
Additionally, indicated airspeed is the speed that violations are based off, not ground speed if that makes sense. ☺️


To add to Luke’s answer, here’s a great tutorial explaining the different types of speeds you may see when flying.

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Is that the air speed?

Yes that is the air speed.

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The big numbers you see (109) is airspeed. At the bottom where it says GS, that’s Ground Speed (111). Please refer to the tutorial I linked above to understand what they are.

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Yes I will teams

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