Flying style (quasi-FLCH, use of AT)

Just out of curiosity, is there anyone out there who flies like me? I’m a big fan of the autopilot systems commonly found on many business jets and the CRJ series/ERJ135/140/145 planes, and just really prefer the challenge of not using autothrottle during flight, partly because it makes flying too easy, and partly because the autothrottle will redline the engines if the current airspeed is significantly lower than what’s set.

For takeoff in basically all jets, and the Q400, I fake thrust ratings. I’ll usually put my thrust levers to 90%-95% N1 for takeoff, and then handily to hold about 200 knots till 2000 AGL, then reduce the thrust manually to 85%-90%. Thence, I pitch forward a bit, accelerate to 250 KIAS and then pitch back up to hold 250 KIAS till 10k, and 290 KIAS/M 0.68-0.74 above 10k. When the desired speed is established, I tap VS hold to my desired cruise altitude. Generally it is very stable, and speed changes with maybe a +/- 5 knot error margin in calm skies. Upon reaching cruise, I adjust thrust manually again to hold my desired cruise speed.

With global here now, I’m able to do long trips that I can descend realistically on, so I go with the first two digits of my flight level x 3 for my TOD distance and groundspeed x -5 for my vertical speed at TOD. Again, all while managing thrust manually and using spoilers if necessary.

I fly the 208 in a similar way, but with full power as it’s just a prop.

Anyone else besides me fly like this? I was pondering in my head a future version of IF that has a little sliding switch button like they have for the other controls that selects different thrust ratings auto-calculated from the current existing conditions of the scenario, that is, TOGA/CLB/CRZ. And to couple with that, a FLCH speed selector coupled to the altitude selector. When FLCH was engaged to hold a particular speed, altitude would be armed and be illuminated a different color than if it were engaged. Would be cool! But that’s for another day.


I use autopilot, don’t have time to control anything manually 😂


Sounds like a fun thing to try! I am always busy though, I’ll need to find some free time to dedicate this.

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Nah. I try my best to not go past 100% N1 thrust, but other than that I don’t really do that, no.

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Other things need to do manual is to much time

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I fly exactly like you :)

Yea I fly like that I’ll only set speed when established in cruise. It annoys me to have the N1 bounce all over during climb and descent. Pitch for speed thorottle for altitude!

You can set an N1 spool limit for the Auto-Throttle.

In IF? I don’t think so.

I’m talking about FSX and P3D for VATSIM, I primarily use this forum for aviation discussions. Sorry for the confusion.

Let’s try to keep the discussion Infinite Flight related. Kind Regards, Chris


Only takes 15 minutes after takeoff! 😛

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