Flying Stories

Tell us your IF stories here! Show us your photos! We would love to hear your stories! This is your page to write and post!!

What do you mean by story? Like best landing or takeoff? Not sure what you mean also there is also a best IF photo thread…I got a couple of stories on IF but dont know what you want

What device do you use. Nice shot :) sure sombody will complain about the post though

Yeah sure! Anything you find interesting or stood out in your flight.

Alright cool let me dig into my piggy bank of IF and find one

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I use a Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine good big screen to play IF:)


He wasn’t complaining bro, just trying to understand

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No no we wrote it and posted at the same exact time. Nothing personal @Trevor_A

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Thanks! You should share some of yours too!

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You should ask your data service provider for that it shouldn’t be that slow, but anyways, happy flying!!

The view from the sky is the best view in the world:)

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We already have a topic for photo sharing. Please help us consolidate by posting in this topic: Best Infinite Flight Photos Part 2 [Temp.Official Thread] in the meantime.

In addition, the closure of this topic was due to the fact that there weren’t any stories being shared. The forum doesn’t operate like a chatroom. Please utilize the Private Message function for conversations like this.