Flying Southwest Airlines for the first time

Wahoo! I’m traveling to Ohio to see my cousin before he goes back to College. I found a really cheap flight from my hometown Manchester to Cleveland, with stops in Baltimore both ways. The ticket costed only $177.96, paid it all myself as I had the money, and because I want to travel in 2018.

I heard about the First Come First Serve thing, and I really want a Window seat so I can take video of the trip.

What can I expect from Southwest Airlines? Is there any tips you’d like to share with me that’ll help make traveling as smooth as possible?


I thought so, thanks :)

Ok, since I travel EVERYWHERE (United States …). in Southwest, my best oppinions for you is to either sit in the back of the plane, or the front! Never in the middle! Also, If you’re going to buy snacks or anything to eat, I recommend you buy something from a concession stand because it is very expensive! You will get a complimentary drink and peanuts etc. but for a cheaper price I recommend buying your own. The staff are very friendly and you can expect a safe flight! I personally enjoy flying with southwest and those are just a tip to know a little before your flight!


SWA is a great airline. The flight attendants are usually very friendly. Overall, it’s a positive experience.


Because it is the first come first serve method, you need to check in to your flight exactly 24 hours before you board if you want a good boarding position. I think you can do this on the app or online. Then make sure you get the right boarding group and find your seat. It is pretty straightforward but you need to get used to it.


Also adding on, make sure to check in FAST! If you check in late, you will be either in boarding group C or B and that’s boarding last on the plane! Trust me its good to checking your bags and your ticket fast so you could at least get in boarding group A or high B


Love flying southwest. Don’t have any tips though


If you check in right at 24 hours you should be fine but if you are really worried you could always buy earlybird check in. It’s $15 and will check you in 36 hours prior. I’m assuming you’re transferring thru BWI? If so they have some decent food options in the airport food court. Clevelands food court sucks barring Chik Fil A or Subway in the B concourse where SWA has their gates. If you are taking a very early flight back to MHT I’d suggest getting to CLE early. They recently started using their new $27 million inline bag system and it’s been a complete nightmare, it goes down several times a day causing bags to get stuck in the system. If you can I’d suggest carryon only unless you give yourself plenty of time.


I’m flying with SWA on the 5th of January to PHX from LIT direct for an aviation meetup. Flown southwest hundreds of times and have had few issues with them.

I’m doing carry on, so I’m all set. I depart CLE at 12pm

And I am transferring through BWI

Awesome should be just fine then! Enjoy your trip to my former stomping grounds!

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The back is pretty cramped though. But it is really fun if you want to feel all the G- forces and movements of the plane. I had a bad first flying experience in the back row, middle seat between two bigger people. But feeling everything in the back was pretty cool

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I love swa. My family’s #1 choice of an airline.

That may be why I’m SouthwestFan…

Idk tho…


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Im a “SouthwestFan” for their cheap affordable price :)

I’d like to find those cheap affordable prices because so far they are often more expensive then United.

Southwest is awesome… the only thing I don’t like about them is that they have a trashy terminal at KSAN.

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Its a great airline with amazing prices. The staff are also extremely helpful and friendly. In regard to the best seat selection, if you don’t pay for early bird, ($15 to be one of the first to board) then make sure you check in exactly 24 hours before your flight leaves. If you are the first person to check in, you get earlier boarding passes. So the sequence is: 1.) The people who pay for early bird board first. 2.) Whoever checks in first boards first, but after the early bird people.

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Not really Southwests fault

the Gate agents really are friendly. When ever flying with southwest I always hear the gate agent being humorous and funny as well as friendly and professional. Their humor really helps break the tension of busy and/or delayed flights

I hope you get one of the funny flight attendants. There are a lot of them with Southwest. On my last flight to New Orleans the attendant rapped the safety instructions. Overall…I only fly Southwest stateside. Apart from the tips already given, just set back and enjoy your flight 😃