Flying Solo While Online on Different Device

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I use an iPad and an iPhone for IF. About 2 hours ago, I started planning a flight from VHHH-KLAX. I got my flight plan, set up IFA, set up my stepclimbs, loaded my aircraft, connected my joystick, and got my SID and STAR loaded. (The flight was on my iPad.) I took off, climbed to cruise, and went to watch a football game. I decided to practice some solo landings on my iPhone, not thinking about my iPad. I quickly realised, and ran into the other room, where my flight was still going. About 5 minutes later though, my throttles cut. UGH. Anyways, I am just mad that I put so much time into preparing this flight and it was ended by my stupidness. I think we should be able to tell IF what devices we own, so that we can fly solo on one device, and online on another. If you have read this far, thanks!

This now IS a feature request


This is interesting, I hope it survives the mighty mod filter :)


I’m sure there are reasons for this. What other games or sims do you know that let you use one account on multiple devices simultaneously? It’s a loophole to share the subscription with others.

I’m not saying use two devices online though.

There is now less differentiation between them ever since global came out so I assume there are reasons for this. Of course it still requires an internet connection.

I was to the left of you you where at 35000 ft right ?

yep, that was me

At least something could pop up on my iPad where I could choose to deny or allow this device


I suppose this could go for the “offline” solo mode. There is a feature request for that somewhere

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Before global two devices were able to use the same account as far as I know

Oh. I don’t want two devices online, just one online, and one on solo.

You know, I actually see sense in this. If you do a flight on Solo, you don’t get any experience or landings. I actually think this could be a really good. There’s no exploiting the system.

My Thoughts:
• If you’re flying online, flying in solo will be fine.
• If you’re flying online, and try to fly online from another device, it will throttle the flight exactly how it does now.

Great idea, this could be a cool feature. I know this isn’t a feature request, but I think it should be implemented.

Sadly there is always people who is pessimistic. Will be great to be able to practice landings on solo while you are flying online. Sometimes flights get really boring. I support this.

I think it should be like Netflix. If you’re watching and someone tries to get on, it doesn’t allow them. Same principle should be applied here. If you’re flying online and accidentally log in with another device, you should receive a message saying “there is already a flight ongoing with this account” or something, denying access to the flight while allowing the initial flight to keep going.

Wait, is this a feature request or no? It sounds like it, and I support the idea.

Should I make this a feature request? It seems like a lot of you want it to be.

I assume yeah, in the original post it seems like a feature request. Should I change it for you?

Sure, but can you edit also to say this is a feature request?

I can change it to features, but I cannot change the actual post.

You can just edit it at the bottom and put it in bold and say this is a feature request.

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