Flying "Simulated" Instrument Approaches in a Cessna 172.

Hello Community, Today i am back with a real world aviation experience. on Saturday, myself and an instrument rated pilot friend of mine, went out and shot 4 instrument approaches in simulated experience. My instrument time is very low so i wanted to get a good feeling on what too do and what an approach actually feels like. We briefed the whole approach and my friend gave me little hints ans tricks too keep ahead of the airplane. We shot 2 ILS and 2 RNAV GPS approaches with LPV. and The first link is to the ILS and the second link is too the RNAV approach.

As always fill free too drop any questions below?


Was it fun? Sounds like an awesome time!

it was a lot of fun. thanks for the comment!

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Seems like fun! Instrument approaches aren’t easy :)

it was really fun. They really arent but with practice im sure they will get easier

Yeah- next time I fly my Cessna 172 I will have to try it

bring a saftey pilot, dont want too be doing them on your own

Ok I’ll make sure to do that- now that you mentioned it I see why

what all pilot licenses do you have if you dont mind me asking? like meeting new pilots on the forum

Private pilot certificate. Or private pilots license. That’s all :)

gotcha. same here. im about to stat working towards my instrument hence the post

I’m sure you’ll get that in no time :)

hoping so. Mid February/early March

Will that be the last thing you get, or will you try to get more certifications

Nope. hoping too get all the way up to an ATP

Ah I see. Hey if you work at it you’ll get it in no time

I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Out of curiosity, what weather conditions were being used by the simulator?

It wasn’t a simulator. It was an actually airplane.


Nice - I’m hoping to fly some do some IFR flying at some point - right now I’ve only flown VFR. I love these updates you often do - keep them up!

Thanks. Yah I’ve got over 100 hours VFR flying and about 7 hours simulated IFR. I decided it was time for something new