Flying SIDs and STARs vs. Radar Vectoring

Let me preface this with the fact that I appreciate all ATC in infinite flight immensely, and their job is integral to me enjoying global.
With that said I just want to know if there is some way ATC could recognize STARs and SIDs or at least allow me to fly them. I have heard that it’s difficult for them to implement them because of traffic patterns in real life vs IF so I understand if they don’t use them in high traffic situations. But what I’m talking about is when the airport is relatively empty and traffic is very low, ATC still gives me their own vectors. Maybe if I could request an RNAV approach instead of vectors?
The main reason I want to be able to use a SID or STAR and not be re routed is usually because of terrain like at Las Vegas or Geneva. The standard arrival routes provide a much more realistic descent through the mountains than ATC just vectoring you straight over them. I know this has been talked about in the past but it really gets on my nerves every now and then.


I suggest you read the topic below :)

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Ask for flight following and fly whatever approach you want.


Maybe I should’ve put this under features and asked for the RNAV feature but I think it could be really useful. Although I see downsides, like people using it who don’t know what they’re requesting.

Thank you, I had a feeling there was a way to do it, have you done it?

Oh, you were the ATC in Baltimore!! I was that southwest flight going to Nashville that messed up my takeoff ruinously. Thanks for the tip!

@Liam_Prior : MaxSez: An extremely unique but repetitive ideas for IF (all servers) considering the demographic. . IF has utilized the KISS principle since inception particularly for ATC and it works. Ask yourself why the ATC structural void in Global; No Delivery, Centers or Center types, no use of airways for commercial routing, no slot times, No routine Holding Patterns during peak periods at the “B’s”. The list goes on and on. I been there and done that in aviation and remember when, the pre-Beacon days. IF has/is taking giant steps give it a chance + consider the Platform and it’s limited storage capability… The building blocks and future architecture is in place give it a chance. Great Ideas or recommendations like this one are welcome there engine of update and changes. SID/STAR’s & RNav ect will come, Patience, Rome was not built ect. just sayin…
Regards, Max


@Trio… Believe “Flight Following” is a GA application, not to interfere and Controller work load a consideration. IF authorizes it for commercial application violating the spirit and intent of FAR regulation and an over sight and Controller over and unnecessary work load factor in my considered opinion. It should be modified to conform to real world.
That said condoning a following bypass of Approach is a safety of flight work around I can’t support it. What say you here or by PM.
Regards, Max

If you can get everyone else on board to enter the airspace at a STAR transition waypoint, I would love to use them exclusively.

The problem is that one pilot ising a STAR among 19 with a FP which is WPT-ICAO in its entirety makes it impossible.

(Not to mention that on Departure, the second I start vectoring along a SID and turn one degree away from their straight shot, I get “…requests flight following”)


He never stated if he was IFR or VFR… what I meant by that is, ask for flight following if you’re VFR and try flying a practice approach with the intention of landing, so do whatever you’d like. If it’s not busy then I’d let you request whatever you like.

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I came cross controllers who would look at my flight plans…depends on the flight plan entry they would ask me to enter pattern. I would follow my plan. It worked many times. I’m not sure they could do that when there’s more than 4,5 entering pattern same time. If you are sequenced to follow someone you might have to break off early if your actual Stars takes you longer to intercept localiser.

Thanks Max I appreciate you pointing out all the complications and yes I do recognize them, I just wasn’t sure if there was a way to do it I wasn’t aware of yet.

Thanks trio, I should’ve mentioned I usually am IFR. Correct me if I’m wrong, in real life I could cancel IFR and just go VFR for the approach no? So like you said, if it’s not busy I could ask for flight following even if I had previously been flying IFR. Sorry if this is woefully incorrect, this stuff is new and very confusing to me sometimes.

I hope I’m reading the internet correctly… if I am then yes, you’d just ask for flight following if you’re able to fly VFR.

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Yah I’m probably not explaining it well but that clears it up!

In real life controllers would rather keep you on the STAR and proceed you direct to the IAF and clear for approach.

Nope…it depends on the time of the day. If you look at heathrow. 7 out of 10 they direct you to BIG, LAM, BNN…holding points from there its full vector. Even tho its gonna mimic close enough to IAC. Its too busy to let you cruise on IAC

It’s possible to use in Infinite flight, but it can’t be implemented because:
1.) Traffic volume here is more than real life. Rl every flights are scheduled nd controllers know who’ll depart/arrive when and adjust it accordingly.

2.) Rl Pilots are Pilots they know what is aviation,and know proceedures of co-operation. Many of If pilots also have deep knowledge of aviation,but the one who don’t know are in more amount than ones who know. Co-operation is needed from each and everyone in the airspace to execute it. Some guys thinks approach will give u an straight in approach ¿ With those types of peoples who are confused on when to report airport in sight it’s preety hard for radar to execute it.

4.) Traffic is indefinite as I said, people keep spawning, some depart some airspace do radar patterns and back to the same airport. Some depart from very close field.

It’s not like approach controllers don’t use it,they do but they practice it with low or moderate traffic. If I remember @Ethan_Hansen use real proceedure quite often(one of em was parkway visual 31l at JFK😉),many have their personal preference and it’s limited to moderate traffic. With 70+ aircraft in an hour executing real Life proceedure is hard where people comes from different path.

Up to red circle blue arrow it’s Stars, until they reach red circle they only get Altitude calls, once they reach holding point, approach gives them Vector and Altitude. But how many of our pilots flies with instruments approach charts?