Flying Session Ending

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering will a flying session automatically end when you get to 72 hours?

Thanks for your help.

Why would it end?

The flight will run as long as you fly and have the session open for and what your device can handle. But no, the app if you do get to the 72hr point of a flight will not automatically quit.

I’ve seen on the forum that the flight session seems to crash at 72 hours, but I didn’t think that it ends automatically.

That’s not automatically within the app ending your session. Like I said, whatever your device can handle the flight will keep going on until your device gives out.

It might be that it crashes due to the device not being able to withstand anymore. IF is a very big app and devices can struggle.

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It’s a bug that’s impossible to replicate because if they try to fix it the devs have to fly that long and it’s annoying. Nobody needs to fly for 80 hours and @Asher it is a bug, i am sure i read that somewhere months ago. It happens, and highly unlikely it’ll be fixed.


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