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So I’m from India and want to become an airline pilot, so I have chosen flight schools that I found Are genuine and offers Integrated ATPL programs…I have short listed some flight schools that I’m interested in:

Brampton Flight Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

CAE Airline Pilot Academy (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

American Airlines Cadet (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Thrust Flight Academy (Dallas, Texas, USA)

L3 Harris Aviation Academy (Sanford, Florida, USA)

I’m really confused on which one to choose…can anyone please help me ? Also I wanna know which country is best for future aviation opportunities and overall aviation as an industry…I think USA is the best but still confirming !!

If there’s any other flying school I should consider feel free to comment and I’ll definitely check it out.


You dont plan on using ur licence to fly anywhere outside the us correct?

Yea correct…after getting my ATPL I want to settle the same country !!

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What I did in europe was look for the schools reviews and forums as they provide some good info on the inside and how the instructors are. again idk bout the US but in europe most schools have them

Yes they do have it in US too…Btw looked some schools in Europe too like CAE Oxford & Airbus Flight Academy

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Personaly i went for PPL first and going to a private small school is fine, for atpl also if you can find a small private school its really good in my opinion as the vibe is better and either way most of the teaching is done online


I think the US is most ideal due to the weather. In Europe a lot may just end up having you go to the US, a lot of airlines with programmes do that also.

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Alright US it is !! How about Canada ?

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I want to pursue flight training in Canada too… But the problem is the weather.
In Canada the weather is very unstable… So training can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months
And the case in USA is the opposite… Weather it’s quite good most of the year in places like Florida and the training can be completed within 8 to 12 months…
Almost a difference of a year which can be very useful to convert to Indian licence and search for a job rather than wasting time in Canada…


Even i wanted to compete my training in Canada and settle there but your have to have atleast 2500 hours to get hired in any international airline and no one hires pilots with only a cpl and type rating without experience

Only Indian airlines hire such pilots due to lack of pilots… So you will have to come back to India to get experience

No it’s not like that, you can get a CFI & CFI1 classification from your flight school and fly as CFI…later when you get 1500 hours you can apply for a regional airline and start your airline career !! Also, you can choose Pathway programs with selected flying schools that have connections with regional or even big airlines…so you don’t need to come back to India unless you wanna work in India. On the other hand a Cadet Pilot Program is a good option if you wanna stay in USA and make a life.

UK isnt too bad either, there are some good ones in the Midlands and South (e.g. Oxford)

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Agreed, saw the CAE Oxford but unfortunately doesn’t suit my type so dropped the plan !! But definitely an amazing academy with tie ups to easy jet and other airlines !!


Did you try for/check out Embry-Riddle, or Purdue, or ATP Flight School?

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These are also good suggestions. I go to Riddle, though not as a flight student. I will say that Riddle is on the expensive side for flying, though generally worth it.

I haven’t heard much about L3, though I’ve seen their planes flying around frequently. I can try to get some information on it if you’d like me to

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Lots of topics regarding flight schools. I’d research them all and determine the best for what your needs are


Try the American airline junior cadet program because that way you get placed in a job right out of school with a American eagle Company (under American airlines branding) and work your way up in the company. Granted it will probably be more expensive and harder to get into.

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I saw all of them…ATP was good but iI think it does not accept international students am I right ?

I live in Dallas and have seen thrust multiple times do not use them I actually fly out of the same airport as them and they’ve had two crashes before and multiple incidents I use a flight school called Monarch Air at Addison same airport as thrust

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Omg…I can’t thank you enough for this information you provided !! Really, I was thinking to apply to Thrust Flight Academy, but you saved me buddy thank you very much Once again !! <3