Flying Risky Atlanta Winds

I just completed a quick regional flight from KTLH, Tallahassee Regional, to KATL, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International, in the stunning Delta CRJ9. However, there were some risky crosswinds on the approach into KATL. Specifically, 25 to 70 knot crosswinds, even on short final!! I managed to keep control of the aircraft to land safely and butter beautifully. Here are some stunning photos of the low visibility on KATL ground. Enjoy!



I’m getting them as I just departed for Nartia from ATL but yeah it is bumpy out here with depature I think I hit 30 knot crosswind


According to weather radar, there’s a pretty big storm in that area

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Our airfield closed early because of the storm in the southeast

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You poor thing.

@DeerCrusher 🤣

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Oh yeah I know you are talking about. I did a flight there yesterday it was crazy ATL and Nashville had some crazy winds yesterday.Good job tho !

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