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Hello for my 30 minute A220 flight should I fly with AP or hand fly?

  • Handfly
  • AP
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Auto pilot for cruise. I only use hand flying when landing or takeoff.

Hello @Lufthansa1,

could you please give me the route (or flight number) you’re doing?

Usually, I would recommend SID/STAR use, even for a 30 minute flight, as it allows you to not worry about flight planning and instead focus on other things; including ATC-you might be required to have a fligh plan anyways if you fly on the training/expert server.


These kinds of topics feel a little more suited for the Infinite Flight Discord Server, where answers can be given to you in real-time. I would recommend using that platform for the more casual conversation aspect of things.

To answer your question, I prefer manual handling during takeoff and landing, but I usually turn on autopilot from mid-climb to mid-descent.

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