Flying POV (Video) - Overcast afternoon

Not sure if this can go on here, but hooked up the go pro to give you guys a cool little POV of my solo flight to practice some steep turns around Wellington. Enjoy!


That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing this with us; what an amazing region to fly in. Do you think that Infinite Flight has helped you on your journey to become a pilot or do you maybe even use Infinite Flight to prepare for your flights?


Thank you!

Made a whole post about it ☺️

It was the true beginning of my passion and fuelled my passion for aviation


Ohh, yes; I remember that one. Sorry, there are so many posts on here every day that sometimes I’m loosing some of the connections. Really nice to hear that though 🙌

Good luck for your future adventures 🧑‍✈️✈️


Thanks @Marc. Appreciate it mate!

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Aircraft: Piper PA38 Tomahawk
Airport: Wellington, New Zealand (NZWN)
Registration: ZK-FML

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