Flying_Pencil’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KBOI (Passed )

closed for today

Opened Now

KBOI Tower/Ground open for pattern etc…

closed again

Open for pattern work

Closed be open again later today

Really good job, only thing I noticed was you cleared me for take off on 28L left traffic, then you told me to enter left downwind rwy 28L… you dont need to tell me that because I’m staying on the same rwy and you already told me left traffic so its repetitive… other then that great job :)

thanks for coming hope to see you next time :)

I am open again at KBOI as I want to practise for my practical test at the weekend…

Feel free to leave comments on what I can improve

Nice controlling. Had problems controlling my aircraft and craashed as you could see 😂😂. But really nice ATCing!!

Thanks, but i didn´t really have to do anything yet

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I know, but you still gave me a few instructions 😂

Yea, hope to see you again.
Can´t get eniugh people in a pattern as it should be about 5 aircraft in the test

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Winds normal
Pattern work

open for Pattern work

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zzz u sent me 10R and not 10L got confused

Ok, first of all that was the busiest I’ve seen a ATC Tracking thread in a long long time and you handled it insanely well… minor mistakes here and there but with the amount of traffic very well done sir!! 👏👏👏

Thanks mate :)

Ok here’s my review of your performance, you did quite a number of mistakes which i have noted.

  1. I said straight out for takeoff but after i took off you told me traffic to follow
  2. After the transition you told me traffic to follow WITHOUT giving me pattern entry
  3. When you cleared me for the option you did not give me traffic direction
  4. For resequencing NEVER give another clearance you just need to give sequencing, etc “number 3, traffic to follow is on left base”

Besides that you did alright. Hope you take my advice and improve.

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