Flying_Pencil’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KBOI (Passed )

I have held my written test for IFATC and would like to practise for the practical…

If you want to do some PATTERNS you are very welcome to join me at KBOI…


Looking forward to seeing all of you…
Critisize what ever i do wrong … :)

Spawning in.

you are NOT sequencing. you MUST sequence ALL aircraft before clearing for the option !! corp 211

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When you are calling someones base, don’t use the pattern instruction, "Enter left base runway XXX. Instead, use, “turn base”.

no need to call base. Over controlling.

How am I # 4 only 2 aircraft in front of me ?


yea kinda got confused

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Probably shouldn’t have called go-around, but I guess you have a solid reason, because that aircraft wasn’t fully off the runway, but by time my wheels would’ve touched the ground, he would’ve been off the runway by then.

In that situation, make sure to use “Exit runway when able, please expedite, traffic on final.

Coming out now!

Thanks for the tipps i will try to improve,
you were a great help

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pay attention to aircraft on the runway, even know i was cleared for the option. I did a full stop landing. Need to watch and see that i slowed and would not be taking off again. Need to give ALL aircraft “Exit” runway instructions.

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There are several thing to learn. I recommend the video: The Art of Sequencing. After u watch it 2 times you will see the things u can improve in the replay of this session :) listen carefully what Tyler says :)

i will
thank you too

who is your recruiter ?

Brandon Sandstorm,
why do you ask?

didnt think it was myself, just asking


Hello, I was S-FLYER. Congratulation on passing the written test. I’d like to mention a few things.

  1. You don’t need to tell an aircraft to make left traffic everytime when clearing them.

  2. You issued the exit rwy command way too early. I didn’t even touch down before you issued it.

  3. I didn’t mean to troll by stopping on the runway. I think you could’ve told @Piazza to go around a bit earlier, correct me if I’m wrong.

Good luck on the practical



Just a couple things I observed so far. I was C-PIAZZA, sorry I couldn’t give you the full checklist. Received a phone call :( 5,000ft is just a tad too low personally for a transition with the airport at 2871ft. Aircraft in the pattern would be flying at 4371ft allowing only 639ft of spacing. Some people will say that yes that is fine, but I say why not create a little separation. 5,500ft or 6,000ft would make your life while controlling a little easier :) In addition, that last go around should have been given a little sooner. Great job of noticing that @SwedishFlyer had not yet exited the runway, but next time notice the possible collision a little sooner. Lastly, no need to keep telling me make left traffic. You’ve already cleared me to stay in the left pattern, so no need to keep telling me. Sequence and clearance instructions were given in a timely manner, so good job with that. Keep practicing. Next time you open up for training, I’ll try to stop by!


I will be doing some atc


See you soon

Tracking Thread now open at kboi for 30 min