Flying patterns with nearby ATC

Just curious…

I’m flying some patterns at KSEA on Unicom using 16R. My pattern altitude is about 1500 AAL. The final takes me directly over KBFI.

KBFI has active Tower/Ground/ATIS.

What’s the protocol regarding asking for transition (or not) from KBFI Tower? If I need to, would it be every time around?

Visit this and you might understand.

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I’ve already reviewed that tutorial.

So I should briefly tune to KBFI Tower and request transition each time I make the KSEA approach?

As in asking for permission to pass KBFI airspace before setting up for final at KSEA? Yes.

You could just do your patterns at KBFI.

Or you could do them at one of the other 17k airports in the world. KPAE would give you essentially the same weather, same config, same everything without worrying about flying through BFI’s airspace each pass.

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It’s hilarious asking for transition every leg of the flight pattern.

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Ya, you’re right. Picking another airport to fly is probably the best advice

The KSEA and KBFI are less than 5 nm apart.

I’m not sure how I could juggle between KBFI Tower and KSEA Unicom and keep up.

It would be hilarious…


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