Flying overnight

Hi there, I am about to go to sleep, but I have put my phone upside down, on charge, and with auto-lock on never, I am flying from Johannesburg to Amsterdam in the KLM Orange Pride livery, I am cruising at FL360, at Mach 0.86, Should I be fine to leave my phone until tomorrow morning when I wake up? Or will I get ghosted?


You should be fine to fly


What does your ETA say?

As long as you arent lower by a towered airport so you should be fine. Make sure your cruising speed is correct and you have enough fuel or you will crash.


I’m having more fun island hopping around the Scottish Islands than setting up a flight then going to bed.


I have enough fuel for 15 Hours, My ete says 9:14. As I said, I am at 36000 Feet.

Im logging time for my VA

Go on casual server then you can’t be accused of violations

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@Cpt.TC I’m already 20 Minutes into my flight in TS1.

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Ok nice :) have an enjoyable flight!

@Cpt.TC More like have an enjoyable sleep, I’m flying from the biggest airport in my country.

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Tips for long flights:

  • Reduce screen brightness to minimum.
  • Settings -> General -> Enable automatic low power.

I did 14 hours and it worked fine for me. My iPad didn’t get hot at all. And had more than enough fuel for the trip


I was flying from London to Los Angeles and when I woke up I was flying over Anchorage…


Use LNAV, it helps you get where you need to get


sometimes it glitches a little…
i was crossing the pacific and after 13 hours LNAV started to turn left while the aircraft continued on its path.

I think you mean ete

No, he means eta - estimated time of arrival

I did it that two nights ago, took off from Tokyo at 11pm and landed in Sydney at 8 am the next morning. And I slept pretty well that night, so yes it’s possible.

I’m pretty sure you can’t check eta in IF

I did it last night flying DEN-NRT. You should be fine

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