Flying overnight with internet shut off

So, I want to do an overnight flight, but my internet will shut off in the middle of the night for about 6 hours. But when I land the internet will be back again, so my question is, is this a problem? (I will have internet on take-off and landing, actually for about 7 more hours before the internet shuts off for 6 hours then I have one more hour to fly for the landing. )
I knew from last time, about two years ago it was a problem, the ground was loaded, but I fell through the ground and crashed! (RIP my flight from KSFO to EHAM) the different was that I had my iPad on airplane(yes xd) mode in the night and now it won’t be on airplane mode, but the internet will just shut off. Anyone already tried a flight with partly no internet, and did it work?

Thanks in advance


Well the scenery won’t be loaded until the internet comes back on also you will be off the live server so your states might not count during that time. Having the internet off is basically no different from having airplane mode on as your still off the internet with airplane mode on.

I know it will be loaded, but like I said last time the scenery was loaded but I fell through it, this was two years ago, so things might changed.
Btw the stats still counted that time

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I recommend you clear the scenery cache before approach.

Can you do that in flight?

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Yes you can do it in flight.

I wouldn’t recommend it at all. There is a reason why you need internet in the first place. Also if you don’t have internet your game could crash when you reconnect.

Oh okay great! I will try that, hopefully this 15 hour flight won’t result in a crash haha, that would be really sad

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If your internet is cut for that long, your flight may be not be able to recover and connect back to wifi

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Well I wish you luck.

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Well,it didn’t crash for me two years ago, I can’t really change the internet settings of this house so yea, I kinda have to life with it I guess

I hope it does recover, I guess I have to try it since no one else has tried it

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I’m going to guess this was before global and if so, that makes sense as the scenery was stored locally back then.

Did you read the post, it was from KSFO to EHAM xd:) it was just after the release

Then go ahead and do your flight :) let’s just hope it goes well.

P.S. if you do get any violations you are flying at your own risk, with no internet.

I hoped someone else already tested it, but it seems that I have to do it, thanks for the wishes.
I will report on it here when I land(or crash) gonna take off in a bit:)

The developers might have tested it before.

Oh rip, you had WIFI, but it didn’t connect anymore?

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