Flying over Ukraine in 2024

Why so many of you guys still fly over Ukraine?

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Why shouldn’t we?


At least in the Expert Server, we should follow real-world aviation rules. Ukraine is closed to civilian flights, so we should avoid it.


Nothing prohibits sim pilots from flying over Ukraine or Russia, even in the expert server


Using this kind of logic it is also forbidden to perform any flight over Russian airspace using European airlines and same thing for Russian airlines and European airspace. This type of realism should be followed individually but no reason for it to be placed in any server rules in my opinion.


I personally use IF as a way to escape the depressing real world when I need a break. If you want to maintain full realism, you can avoid Ukrainian and Russian airspace as is done IRL, but I like to fly like I would if the world was at peace :)


It’s a game, dude.


Then he was kicked from a server after entering the North Korean airspace 😂


*simulator bro

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I can feel you but i meant only in the expert server where there are real aviation rules

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I agree with you and respect your opinion but i think that it should be done at least in expert server . What do you think?

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14,000 nm 777




because we don’t need to be 100% realistic on every single thing?


Was just asking your opinions

Why do people still fly the MD11, the 747, the Spitfire?

It’s a casual simulator. Part of the beauty of a simulator is being able to do what you want, when you want. If people want to fly over particularly countries, that’s great. Let them have it. There is absolutely no restriction in place that says people can’t.

Now, if you want to avoid certain locations, that’s up to you. Everyone has their own way of playing.


I completely agree with you, i was just asking for opinions. By the was it was referred only to the expert server where there more strict rules

I like to keep realism 100% on my end, but i disagree enforcing it from the server perpsective.

People fly the way they want to, they follow the current rules of the server, and it strikes a fine balance between pure chaos (Casual Server) and real life. There are several options out there to make your IF experience more realistic, like VA’s and add on third party apps(add pilot callouts, flight attendant announcements, etc). At the end of the day, no matter what flight simulator you use, its a flight simulator. Lets keep it that way.

Edit 1: aint no way im avoiding russian airspace to fly EGLL-RJAA. Thats + too many hours onto my flight time


I understand!

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Expert server has never been too realistic

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