Flying over the north pole

As you can see from the title my flight plan has me going over the north pole, however out of my 2000+ hours i’ve never flown over the poles and was wondering if i would encounter any issues with my auto pilot? Any input is greatly appreciated

Autopilot should function normally. I’ve flown directly over the south pole many times when going from South America to Australia.


Flying over the North Pole gave me a handful of vio’s one time. I always avoid it when possible now after hearing the same from others.

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Okay perfect, was just making because i don’t feel like waking up to my ipad being off and being demoted to grade 2

While😐 We’ll see what happens… thanks for the input

Last time I flew over the south poll this happened:

Now i am seconding guessing if i should continue on or change destinations… My main concern is getting vios. not my autopilot doing 360’s so😅

What exactly do you expect to happen when you just have heading engaged? The pole is indeed what it’s deriving that heading from. Pass it near it ect, it’s going to keep changing.


I was expecting it to automatically recalibrate itself and continue going straight but it didn’t.

Well you thought wrong then I suppose. You are in control of the heading nothing else.

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So i should be alright to fly over the north pole then? Or no😂

If you’re flying to an FPL, fly away. But heading fixed on AP will cause you issues, of course.

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Keep NAV engaged and you will be fine.


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