Flying over the Alps@EDDF - 091000ZFEB19

  • Aircraft and Livery:CRJ 900 with new Lufthansa livery

  • Route: EDDF-LIRQ
    I will spawn at Terminal 1 Gate B47!
    When you spawn, just copy my FPL!
    My Display Name is Flips!

  • Time of Departure: 10:05 z

  • Server:Training Server

  • Additional Information:
    Flight Details:
    245 kts until 10000 ft, then 345 kts
    Cruising Altitude: 30000ft
    Fly when we cruise at my Speed!
    Begin your descent shortly after when we leave the Alps!
    VS: -1800ft/m - -2000 ft/m

Further details during the flight!
See you around

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I’ll probably be there if I have time later today.

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Will you join?

Possibly. I may quit during the flight.

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I am spawning now!

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Will you spawn now?

I’ve spawned.

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You can now copy my FPL!

Why did you quit?

Hey,no good event without some ATC ;) And did you remember to close your door?

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Can I join

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