Flying over TFR's

When it come to TFR’s mainly for size restricted aircraft, they usually will say they have a ceiling of 10,000 ft. With that, if my approach course fly’s me over that field and i’m below 10K ft will i be in violation of that TFR?

No. I believe the only active TFRs would require you to actually land at the airport.


So the only TFRs i really need to worry about are the one for actual flight restrictions then?
but if they are talking about size restriction or being on the ground then i can fly through that TFR

Size restrictions only apply on the ground at said airport. I don’t think there are any other TFRs set up for anything besides that if my memory serves correct.

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There are TFRs for runway closures as well, but those also only apply to aircraft landing/departing that field.

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