Flying over different countries

Can we fly over different countries?
I think with we can fly only airspace of selected region. Why can’t we extend it further? Flying Intercontinental may add different experience.

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Amsterdam region has Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium. :)

So-Cal has Mexico and US too!


Singapore - Malaysia

Amsterdam region has one airport from France too :)

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Well Carribbean belongs to different countries too

No it doesnt, it has airports from germany and belgium

No. I am not sure of the ICAO though

LF is the ICAO identifier for France ;)


Yes, but I don’t want to fly from EHAM to LFQJ with my 777 😅

Imagine they mix Amsterdam and Paris region for those who have bought Paris region. We will then be able to do real flights in A320 between CDG or Orly to Amsterdam!

It would be awesome!

Yep, that would be cool :)

Do you want to fly to an different countrie start at EHAM netherlands then go to EBBR België and the go to EDDL germany

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