Flying OVER Chicago’s Second Busiest Airport

Hey guys, I just wanted to share this quick picture my father got on a flight to Orlando today. Following a departure from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, the 737 made a turn south, and went right over Chicago’s Midway airport! I think it’s just fascinating how many airports there are so close together, and this beautiful view from the air is really something!


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Okay then, that makes sense.

Well, I still love the picture!

This is an really odd runway layout… Nice shot!

From above the airport looks smaller than usual xd

Thank you!

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I didn’t think it could get any smaller😂

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Thank you! It’s just so cool how they’re able to fly departures over another busy commercial airport


That’s really impressive in cities like Chicago or London (and many others) for sure!

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Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

Have been to midway a few times, somehow never to ORD (blame the SW flights). Crazy how small and landlocked it looks from above. When landing there, it always feel like the runway/airport just comes out of nowhere.

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Oh yeah for sure. It’s because of all the houses built long before the age of today’s jet aircraft. I bet the landing was pretty rough too. Believe it or not, they land super hard there on purpose so they stop faster

Oddly enough, it was four years ago today the last time i was at midway according to my FB memories. Dont remember the landing. But for some reason our team’s connection from DAL was to midway before heading to charlotte.

That’s a cool photo too. Definitely an interesting airport.

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