Flying over air space

Hi guys it’s me again lol, if an ATC tells me I’m flying over an active air space and to tune in to tower, how do I deal with that if I’m 200 miles away from where I need to be? I think I did it right because she said continue on course, but I don’t want to get violations unnecessarily.

It’s most likely training server. Were you close to the airport that was contacting you? And what Altitude were you at?

If it’s tower and you are flying within 5 nm of their airspace request a transition and they will tell you if you are cleared to fly over that airport

Ok thanks Sam, I guess I could plan my route better in future to avoid that.

Yeah I was directly over them basically, 32k feet. And yes I’m on training server. I just don’t want to get violations, I really want grade 3

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You also have to be below 5000 FT of the airspace. Here’s a tutorial:

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He should’ve not contacted you. There’s nothing we can do about it though.

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Don’t worry about violations on traning server. They can’t do anything. And don’t worry about transitions they are very easy. If you are planning on not maning your device for your entire route maybe avoid going over airspace. Good luck getting to grade 3. I bet you will achieve it soon. If you have any questions feel free to DM me. Have a great day;)
Happy flying!

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