Flying Over A Recent Lava Flow in Nicaragua

Route: MHTG to MNMG
Between waypoints BERTA and LAPAC

While flying between Tagucigalpa, Honduras (MHTG) and Managua, Nicaragua (MNMG) the flight path between waypoints BERTA and LAPAC crosses a line of volcanoes. One of these, Telica, erupted in May of 2015, and the lava flows are quite fresh-looking. The flight was in a C-208 on the Training Server at 9,000 ft. at local time around 1:30 PM. Total flight time between Tagucigalpa and Managua was 68 minutes.

#1. The line of volcanoes with the Telica lava flows just in front of the C-208.

#2. Closer view of the Telica lava flow.

#3. Flying over the Telica lava flow.


Cool adventure there, great photos!

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Cool find! Also a nice origin airport, takeoff isn’t as exhilarating though. Great shots!

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Thanks @Butter_Boi and @Pilot_Felix, i love seeing the unexpected and unusual from the air. That’s one of the things that makes IF so great.