Flying outside region for testing your device performance for global flight

##Break the rules
I dont suggest that for breaking rules purposes

#Testing your device
###Are my device ready for global flight?

  • Okay, devs work into performances also, but i think every device deserve to be ready for global flight.

#You can’t go anywhere

  • Because there are no airports. You are lost in blizzard.

#Why this features should be appeared before global flight?
Because of testing purposes. Testing performance, hot device etc…

#How to avoid trolls and abusive use?

  • Once you are outside region, you can continue during few hours before getting offline (if you’re inactive after 3-4 hours, disconnect you)

  • Let us try 1x per day/week

Sorry if this idea looks inappropriate but understand the sense of testing. To help devs.


This now makes it like an open beta.


Seems like a waste of time to me. The time it would take the devs to code rules such as ‘one aircraft can leave once per week’ etc. could be time wasted that they could be coding global flight in.


not wrong :)

I’m sure the devs can find testers themselves :)

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Testing flying behind region boundaries would have zero relation or affect on future global flight. The two are actually not even related as one is very very different from the other. There is no helpful data to be gained from flying outside current regions. Global will work completely differently, and we will as always have it well tested on a multitude of devices. We always want to keep as much support as possible for as many devices as possible. Thank you though :)