Flying Out Of The Weekly Featured Airport // UA1157, KIAH -> KSLC - JUL 24, 2019

Hey everyone! Today I got to fly from Houston, TX to Salt Lake City, UT. Here’s a nice summary of my trip!

Airbus A320-232 #N458UA

The Flight

We got to the gate while boarding was in process, so we got right on the plane. I sat at the window seat and waited. After a while, we began pushback, and taxied to runway 09 (which is odd, because the 15s were closer and the aircraft in front of us taxied to one of the 15s as well). We had a very expedited taxi and departure.

Per KIAH procedures, after passing 600ft, we made an immediate left turn giving us a stunning view of the airport.

While we climbed, I listed to some music, played some unmatched ATC, and relaxed.

For meal time, I ordered a snack box (cost me $10!!) and a coke. Pretty good quality for an airplane snack.

We then flew past a few showers, which were amazing to see from FL360

The mountains were also quite the sight!

While we were approaching…

Overall Experience

Overall, I enjoyed the flight, especially the scenery! The leg room was ok, and the meal was expensive, but besides that, it was a great flight! I’m going to give this a B+.

Thanks for reading!


Nice report!!


That’s a really close view and seems like a sharp turn. The approach into SLC from the East is really nice as you get a nice view of those mountains

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Initially, i could see straight down 😂

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