Flying out of the region/the limit

I have searched for this topic and I can’t find it so feel free to close it :) I am about to fly from PHNL - PHTO but I was wandering before I file my flight plan, am I allowed to fly to this area?
I am wandering because I’m not sure if this is still part of the region or not even thought it still has waypoints but I’m not sure, I am asking because I watched the LivePodcast from San Francisco a few weeks ago and Mark Denton said if you fly out of the region your XP will be reset and you be reset to grade 1, so I’m just asking this before I file my flight plane because I don’t want this happening to me, thanks !

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I am not too sure about that maybe someone else knows.

That is all still part of the region since waypoints are present there so you should still be fine. The map just doesn’t render all the water around it - it’s to save performance. Just don’t go too far outside, use LiveFlightApp to see where the border regions lie so you avoid passing it.



You would be fine especially if you file a flight plan to show your staying in region be I fly through that space quite regularly. If your throttle cuts and auto pilot turns off turn back immediately you have got too far.

@Darth_Sidious I appreciate the fact that you proactively asked about this so that you do not fly out of the region. As several mentioned above, flying in the darker area is still within the region. LiveFlight is a great resource to see the actual regional borders. Also, you will notice waypoints/fixes in those areas which shows that it is still within that region. As long as you file a flight plan using waypoints/fixes, you will be fine. If for any reason you realize that you are out of the region (ex throttle cut/reduced power), simply turn back immediately and you will regain the thrust and continue with your flight.

Again, thank you for the courtesy of asking about this first.