Flying out of regions

I know it has been a long time, but why has a user been suspended for flying out a region.

What do you mean?.. please elaborate

Before global, they had regions. However, this user got suspended for flying out of regions multiple times even with warnings.


Who got suspended? Please explain more🙂

i forgot the user. The user’s name started with an m

Because it could cause a great number of issues if it was done on any of the Live servers.


Oh, ok thanks. You can close this now.

Wait what does flying out of region mean?

I was just in time to join before global came out and hadn’t heard of this, that is interesting though. Wonder what it could have done.

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With Global, The ‘region’ is earth, I suspect you’ll get suspended for leaving earth and landing on the moon 😅


This was in 2016, where they have regions.

We had it up until October 2017. Haven’t even been a year yet :)

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