Flying Out of Regions (solo)

Hey guys. I was wondering if it was possible to fly outside of the regions in infinite flight and go somewhere else. exe: from San Francisco to the southern california region. Is it possible in solo mode or in live mode or both. And if there is for solo, is there a way tbat you can keep the throttle pressed by another object other than your finger?

Do a search on this forum - there is about 400 other threads in regards to this

No only in live becuase when you pause in solo it pauses the game completly

But what if you keep holding the throttle manually?

I read some of the other threads, but they mostly talked about live. I would like to know if it would work on solo.

Go ahead test it and let me know atleast what happens

Ok but I will probably respond tomorrow cuz I’m going to bed now and it wil take a while to get out of the region. But i will let you know tomoroow.

Ok good luck

This is what happened. I flew out of the San Francisco region with the F-22. I was flying over water most of the time. I had to hold the throttle manually so that’s why I chose the F-22 because it goes Mach 2. So once i flew out of the water, there was this white “land” that was there. I tried to land on it but I wasn’t able to. But I’m not sure if you can or can’t land on it because the F-22 is pretty hard to land. I went for a long time and I didn’t get past the white “land” so I just ended the flight. I have some screenshots too.

Oh and you have crosswinds at 50 kts? Lol

Yeah I was practicing crosswind landings and i forgot to change it. And I was also taking off at 50 knots gs. With a 40 knot headwind.