Flying out of Burbank

I know I am a little bit late. I am flying out of Burbank to Sacrmento in this flight. The new 3D airport and the pushback truck is amazing.

Game mode: solo
Flight time: 59min

Waiting for pushback:

Good bye Burbank:

my video of this flight (please check it out):


Nice video and shots!


Thank you for the comments. But didn’t I create my last topic a week ago? It says that my last topic which I created in this catagory had already been created 7 days ago. (not ment to be rude, sorry!)

Awesome shots! I just love to scroll around IFC and see people share their flights.
Keep it up! :)

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Thanks for supporting! I will keep doing it!

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Oh, nvm I looked at your activity and I’m mistaken. Sorry about that :/

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nvm not a big deal

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Nice shots!

Just wondering why when i see livestreams of a screen recorder, why does the Fps go down?

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thanks! actually idk too. It just became more and more laggy and back smoother after descent.

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I live on the Burbank route and frequently fly into and out off BUR and love it when I see takeoffs and landing preformed realistically. Runway 15 to the S is used for take offs 75% of the time, and twice weekly Runway 26 to the W is used. For landings most of the time Runway 8 is used to the E and when they change it runway 33 to the N is used. Hope that is useful for anyone trying to make their flights in and out of BUR more realistic.

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Yep, takeoff on 15 and an immediate right turn to climb out over the valley.

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