Flying One Route with Every E-190 and E-175 Livery

Flying One Route on Every E-190 and E-175 Livery

credit: F-HBLR | Embraer 190-100STD | Air France HOP | Sebastian Sowa | JetPhotos

Hello IFC. I have been busy recently and have not found much time to fly. Now finding myself with an abundance of time, I have decided to challenge myself with this, Flying One Route with Every E-190 and E-175 Livery.

How it works

The idea is very simple and quite self-explanatory, all I do is fly one route with every E-190 and E-175 livery in Infinite Flight. Once I finish a few routes I will post a #screenshots-and-videos topic about them. I will also regularly post updates on this thread too.


There are a few rules I must follow, they are:

  • I must fly on every livery, this includes the tulip livery, generic ones and special liveries.
  • For the generic liveries I must fly a route with a livery, not in Infinite Flight
  • All routes must be realistic except ones with the Private livery and Factory livery.
  • The Routes need not have any continuity between them, for example, I can do a route ending in Lisbon and then start one from Denver.
  • I must try my best to fly from and to new 3D airports, this is not required though.
  • I must also try to fly with ATC as much as possible, again not required.


This is the livery list and the order I will be flying them in. Some have their routes decided, some do not:

Number Livery Aircraft Departure airport Arrival airport Status
1 TAP Express E-190 Lisbon Porto completed
2 Air France Hop E-190 Paris Hamburg completed
3 China Southern Airlines E-190 Guangzhou Hanoi completed
4 Alaska Airlines E-175 Boise Saettle completed
5 QantasLink E-190 Adelaide Alice Springs completed
6 Breeze Airways E-190 Charleston lousivile completed
7 BA CityFlyer E-190 London City Salzburg completed
8 KLM Cityhopper E-190 London City Amsterdam completed
9 KLM Cityhopper E-175 Amsterdam Nice completed
10 Amaszonas E-190 Santa Cruz La Paz completed
11 Lufthanasa E-190 Frankfurt Birmingham completed
12 TUI fly Belgium E-190 Antwerp Innsbruck completed
13 Flybe E-175 Belfast Manchester completed
14 Alitalia CityLiner E-175 Milan Rome Not started
15 Copa Airlines E-190 Not started
16 Generic (SAS) E-175 Geneva Copenhagen Not started
17 Embraer E-175 Not started
18 JetBlue E-190 Not started
19 JetBlue (Blueprint Livery) E-190 Not started
20 Delta Air Lines E-175 Not started
21 GX Airlnes E-190 Not started
22 Finnair E-190 Not started
23 Fuji Dream Airlines E-175 Nagoya Kochi Not started
24 Conviasa E-190 Not started
25 American Airlines E-175 Miami Dominica Not started
26 J-Air E-190 Osaka Oki Island Not started
27 Mauritania Airlines E-175 Not started
28 Helvetic Airways E-190 Zurich Stuttgart Not started
29 Republic Airways E-175 Boston Philidelphia Not started
30 Belavia E-175 Yekaterinburg Minsk Not started
31 Bulgaria Air E-190 Sofia Vienna Not started
32 Royal Jordanian E-175 Not started
33 Tianjin Airlines E-190 Not started
34 TRIP Linhas Aereas E-175 Not started
35 Aeromexico E-190 Not started
36 Private (Tulip) E-175 Not started
37 Airlink E-190 Johannesburg Dar es Salaam Not started
38 Oman Air E-175 Not started
39 Aerolineas Argentinas E-190 Not started
40 LOT Polish Airlines E-175 Not started
41 Buta Airways E-190 Not started
42 Kenya Airways E-190 Not started
43 United Airlines E-175 Houston El Paso Not started
44 Azul Brazilian Airlines E-190 Not started
45 Generic E-190 Not started

When I will be flying

I plan to fly anytime from 2022-12-09T03:30:00Z2022-12-09T16:30:00Z

( ignore the date part, just look at the time)

How to join me

If you would like to join me on a flight, feel free to send me a PM and we can figure something out.


Thats… wow, that’s dedication. I might join you a day or two, probably not all though lol

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I believe it is Seattle


I would recommend you EGLL - EHAM (El Classico)🎳

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Feel free to send me a pm, it would be great to have you

Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it.

Thanks for the suggestion I added that to the list. I could not find an E-190 flight of LHR however, so I have put down London City as the departure airport instead.


Route #1: Lisbon to Porto - TAP Express E-190

The first route of the challenge is from Lisbon to Porto. I ofcourse got this idea from @BP-Aviation who will be doing the route IRL.

Route info:

Livery: TAP Express
Aircraft: E-190
Departure Airport: Lisbon - LPPT (2D)
Arrival Airport: Porto - LPPR (3D)
Flight Time: 1:00 hours
Time of Pushback (2 hours from now): 2022-12-10T08:45:00Z
Server: Expert

Important Links:

You can find the FlightAware link for this flight below:

I will be logging these flights on myFlightradar24, you can find my profile below:

Flight is Complete!

Parked up in Porto

This was a great flight, with a not-so-great landing, or takeoff. @BP-Aviation you have a banger coming up.


Haha, just scoping out the route to see if I should be looking out the window or sleeping are you? 🤣

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Of course lol, this should be a good one.

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Let me know how it goes, I have to get to Lisbon first so you have plenty of time!

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Because I’m tired I read that as “Flying Every Route with Every livery” and thought - this guy is dedicated.

No but seriously, good luck!


Thanks, that is actually my plan eventually, just thought I would start small and work my way up!

that’s going to take…a while…

901 liveries, if I do 1 flight per day that would take me 2 years! Gonna be crazy but I hope I can do.

Route #2: Paris to Hamburg - Air France HOP! E-190

Second route of the challenge and second route today, lets go. For this flight we’re heading to Hamburg

Route info:

Livery: Air France HOP!
Aircraft: E-190
Departure Airport: Paris - LFPG (3D)
Arrival Airport: Hamburg - EDDH (2D)
Flight Time: 1:25 hours
Time of Pushback (3 hours from now): 2022-12-10T12:50:00Z
Server: Expert

Important Links:

You can find the FlightAware link for this flight below:

I will be logging these flights on myFlightradar24, you can find my profile below:

Flight is complete

liftoff from Paris

This was a amazing flight, Paris was great as always


The above flight has been postponed to 2022-12-10T14:30:00Z

May I suggest a few routes for airlines that don’t have one above?

I would love that, fire away.

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Boston to Philidelphia

Houston to El Paso

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Thank you, I will add them shortly

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Would recommend Nagoya Komaki Airport (NKM/RJNA) to Kochi Airport (KCZ/RJOK)! Nagoya Komaki is my home airport and it would make me happy to see you fly it, and I would love to join you if you do. Only disadvantage is that Komaki isn’t 3D yet :(

If you’re looking for a flight between 2 3D airports, then you could fly this.