Flying on the B-24!

Hey IFC! So in Spring of 2019 (May), the Collings Foundation sent over aircraft to Lyon Air Museum at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA. This is a yearly occasion, but it didn’t happen this year due to Coronavirus. I thought I’d be interesting to share because not many people have the opportunity to fly on a Warbird! The flight lasted about 30 minutes and we flew over to the Queen Mary in Long Beach and the back over to the airport along the coast. So here are the photos with further information:

Our plane we’ll be flying, the B-24, sitting on the ramp outside of Lyon Air Museum (West side of KSNA) with the B-17 taking off banking right (this is sadly the one that was lost in the crash last year)

Walking out to board the plane

Inside the B-24 near the rear of the aircraft where I’ll be sitting. There were quite a few of us on this flight.

Taking off flying towards Long Beach

As we flew towards the Queen Mary, there were pods of dolphins swimming along the coast (too bad you can’t see them in this picture)

The Queen Mary docked at the Port of Long Beach! (Sorry for the bad quality)

As we fly back towards KSNA, there are multiple tankers from all over the world

The beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean

Just one of the many piers here in SoCal

And last but not least: Flying right downwind to Runway 20R at KSNA

There were a couple more photos I wish I could inlcude, but I’m not sure of the limit here in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category.
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Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think! Have you ever flown on a WWII Warbird?


OMG I just love that B-17 banking in the first pic!

Simple Flying intensifies
Sadly no, but I hope I will somewhen.


Thanks! Lol
You should if you ever have the chance!

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English 100


Oops yeah I edited that and left out the rest
The school system has failed me


lol you’re good. Amazing pictures tho!


Thanks lol 😂

Is it just me or is the B-24 basically US’ Lancaster?

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Great photos! If my memory is correct, I got to board that exact aircraft when the foundation brought it to my airport. It was a great experience, so I’m sure flying on it is even cooler. Thanks for sharing!



Lol I guess maybe

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Yeah it’s very cool! And very loud lol

I may have flown on a Ford Tri-Motor, but I’ve never flown on a Warbird, let alone a B-24. I love the B-24, and I knew someone who flew them in WWII. The -24 is a great plane, and that’s such a lucky opportunity you got. Great photos from the flight too!

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Err wot?

Bruh, meant to post in the PM lmao

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Oh lmao! That’s great lol

That’s cool! The TriMotor also was at SNA but I didn’t have the opportunity to fly on that.

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Wait what was it 😂

Was it that stupid picture of what they think SNA looks like. Because that was an insult

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