Flying on Southwest trip report! KOKC-KMDW

Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a trip report on my first ever southwest flight I did on Infinite flight! I did this flight 3 months ago!

Hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.86
Training server
(I was only grade 2 then)

Hi guys! Today I am going to fly Southwest Airlines for the very first time in my life and I wanted to film the experience! I am technically only flying to KMDW because I have some spare money and I really wanna fly on Southwest Airlines for the first time! I am not going to KMDW for any other reason!

Our plane Southwest B737
(Sorry if the camera was not 100% clear)

I chose to sit on the first row, 1A!


We just took off and I already have an amazing clear view of Oklahoma City!

Pretty clear skies ahead and a pretty nice views over central Oklahoma. this is going to be a pretty uneventful flight.

Beautiful sunset while crossing into Illinois!

You might not see very well but we are looking at downtown Chicago!


Thank you Southwest for such a good first experience on your amazing and well served airline! I am so exited to fly in a week to KMCO on a southwest B738 that I will also do a trip report on!

I hope you all enjoyed and have a good rest of your night!


Thanks for all of the likes guys!

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