Flying on Alaska Airlines' Milk Run Flight!

This weekend, me and @Speedbird5280 had the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel on the world famous Alaska Airlines “Milk Run!”

What is the Milk Run?

Beginning in Seattle, Alaska Flight 65 heads north, stopping in Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, and Juneau before finishing the day in Anchorage, Alaska. Flight 65 serves as a vital lifeline to these remote communities. It earned the name “Milk Run” based on the containers of milk and other groceries that can often be found in the cargo on these flights being shipped to the remote towns of Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg!

The Flight:

We arrived at a very busy SeaTac airport on Tuesday morning and found our gate. D2. N609AS, a Boeing 737-700 that’s been with Alaska since 1999, would be our ride all the way to Anchorage.

After a short delay on the ground in Seattle, we were off to our first stop, Ketchikan, AK.

Some mountains poking through the clouds over British Columbia

Beginning our descent into Ketchikan


After about 30 minutes on the ground, we departed for our next stop, Wrangell, and the views just kept getting better!

And after 23 minutes in the air, we touched down on runway 28 in Wrangell!

On the ramp in Wrangell

Our next stop would be Petersburg, AK, and this was definitely the most fun leg of the trip. Petersburg and Wrangell are only separated by about 30 miles, so for this leg, we cruised at about 3,000 feet and were in the air for exactly 10 minutes.

The visual approach to runway 5 in Petersburg is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and can really only be compared to the approach to Kai Tak, requiring a steep bank on short final to line up with the runway. It was truly an amazing experience.

Banking low over the trees into Petersburg

After about an hour on the ground in Petersburg, we took off for Juneau, and the next 30 minutes would prove to be the most visually stunning leg of the Milk Run! Snow-capped mountains to the east soared up from the crystal clear ocean below!

After a quick turn in Juneau, we were off on the 5th and final leg of the day, the hour and a half long sprint to Anchorage. Before long, the crystal blue skies and pretty snow capped mountains turned into dreary, overcast skies covering up the cold tundra of central Alaska, before long we set down on runway 15 in Anchorage and our day came to an end.

The “Milk Run” is one of the most unique flights in the world, and should be on the bucket list of any avgeek! I’m grateful to have experienced the breathtaking scenery and amazing people that make Flight 65 so special!

Thanks for reading!!


Wow! Never would I have thought those flights are so good! Breathtaking pictures!

Thank you!! It was a lot of fun to travel on this unique flight!


Most definitely a unique experience. It reminded me of the “island hopper” flight that United does from PHNL to PGUM through Majuro, Kwajalein, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk.

I like the pictures.

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Absolutely amazing! A once in a lifetime experience!

Thanks for sharing!

Nice pictures! The Alaska Airlines Milk Run is awesome!

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