Flying on a 747 this month!

Hey everyone,

I rarely post here anymore but I wanted to share that September 30th ill be flying on a BA 747-400 (BA0218) from Denver to London! I was thinking of doing a trip review, what do you think? Have any of you flown on a 74 before, and what was your experience in doing so?


I have never been on a flying 747 before so I am very jealous. I definitely think you should do a trip report. It would be fun to see!


Very lucky! I hope I can fly on one soon

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I flew a BA744 to Phoenix earlier this year and was incredibly disappointed! I hope you have a better experience than me!

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Hey @KindaAngrySliceOfPie, nice to see ya again. I flew on an Air India 747 as a toddler but don’t remember it. I’m hoping to be able to get on one of the 747s to Heathrow from Kennedy(British Airways)


what made the trip bad?

Denver is always a great airport. I was actually able to see both the BA 744 and a Lufthasa 744 in the same day.

unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture of the BA 744. I even saw the BA coming back from DC on a 788

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Also, please make a trip report; we would all watch that!

Safe Flying,

I’ve flown on a ba 744 twice, and I’m also flying again from lhr to Aus later this month. Hopefully you get a retrofitted one!

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Nice! I’ve been on a 744 2 times (it was a round trip)

Couldn’t disagree more. Denver is a terrible airport

I couldnt disagree more. Denver is an awesome airport! What are you basing this on?


I have only flown on one 747. It was really awesome too because it was right before United retired their 747s. The flight was ORD-HNL and was originally supposed to be on a B772 but was changed at the last second. Have fun on yours!

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I have been to denver more than 50 times in my life. About 80% of the time when I fly somewhere, I connect through denver. There are flaws to the airport for sure. Some the United airlines ground crew there was on strike, 17R/34L is closed due to construction, it is always overly crowded in concourse B and almost completely empty in concourse in a and c, most of the time it takes a very long time to taxi to your runway, it is actually famous for that, and it is very far from downtown.

But denver is probably my most favorite airport out of any airport I have been to, aside from my home airport. The most common plane there is the a320. That is my most favorite plane for reasons I cannot explain. The views of landscape and more importantly, the other planes from the plane are just breathtaking and just give you goose bumps. And most importantly DEN is the hub to my most favorite airline, United. It is so unique from most other airports you see. All the runways are perpendicular, runway 16R/34L can support any aircraft in the world even with the high altitude. You can have your opinion, I just probably see it much differently than you do.

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I’ve been on a Virgin Atlantic 747-400 a few times when I’ve flew from EGCC to TBPB in the past. All experiences were incredible! Listening to the takeoff was just amazing!

I hope I can fly on a 747 soon, you should make a trip report!

I flew on the Qantas 747-400 from Los Angeles to Brisbane in 2016 when going to New Zealand. On the way back we flew the Qantas A380. Flying on the 747 was an awesome experience, but a good duration of the 14 hour flight was bumpy. It might have been because of headwinds, idk but it was very consistent. On the way back in the A380 from MEL-LAX, I didn’t feel the consistent bumps like I did on the 747.

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I flew a fair amount of older United and Northwest 747s back in the early 2000s, but I don’t remember those flights all that much. Recently I had a chance to fly on Lufthansa’s 747-8, and for me, it was a horrible experience. Even though it’s a massive plane, I felt very cramped, and it was overall unpleasant.

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Nice, I still remember my first two 747 flights. They were:

  • A KLM 747-400 Combi still in the old livery and the flight was so empty we got a couple of rows at the back to ourselves and we’re able to lie down!

  • An ancient Northwest 747-200 on one of its final flights


KLM 747-400 Old Livery. | A great scheme. | Spencer Wilmot | Flickr

NW 747-200 In New Colors! -

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so THATS why they haven’t been using it recently! I’ve been so confused… thanks for the info 😄