Flying Offline: Hopping across California with the retired Boeing 747 of United Airlines

Flight UA395

As Summer holidays have started for me, I felt for a mood to make a sunny flight across the beautiful coastlines of the Calofornian West Coast. This is not just a typical commercial flight we get to experience everyday. I flew this flight not with a Boeing 737, but I decided to open the dusty hangars to tug the beautiful Queen into the airport.

I am flying offline again, since I do not have a subscription, and I do enjoy experiencing the regions that is offered, as I change around every once in a while.

Flight Information

Route: San Francisco Int’l Airport (KSFO) 🇺🇸 to Los Angeles Airport (KLAX) 🇺🇸

Server: Solo

Flight Time: 0:55 Hours ⌚

Time of Flight: 1st of July, 2022

#1 - Waiting for pushback 🛻

Bit of a cloudy weather today with a tighter fog in the distance across the city, compared to the destination that I reached in the next hour.

#2 - Taxiing towards runway 28L 💺

A view of some kind of a radar, and I find it cool to see the dome on the top rotating around. The unique ATC tower can also be seen in the distance!

#3 - Lining up before the great roar!

The engines of the Boating 747 is surely amazing to listen to with the power it has on the 4 engines!

#4 - V1, Rotate! 🛫

Imagining the cockpit callouts on the background, I love the beautiful angle of the takeoff and the airport in this screenshot.

#5 - Turning South ↪️

The view of the San Francisco’s cityscape appears more clearly as I am climbing up. The weather turns more clear and brighter the further I am flying away from the city.

#6 - Another view of the city 🌁

Looking at the final image of San Francisco, a view of the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge can be seen far away across the lake, linking the peninsula to the East Bay.

#7 - A view of the Calofornian countryside 🏜️

This picture has been taken near the town of Los Banos, as this open wide desert contains tiles of green fields and crops surrounded by mountains!

#8 - Approaching the city of Los Angeles 🌃

As the day is coming to an end, our flight is too. Los Angeles is one massive city with a stunning view of the West Coast. The sky also darkens with colour.

#9 - Touchdown, runway 24L 🛬

At the Golden Hour I have smoothly landed the queen down to the ground gently. I was struggling with the approach due to the sheer size of the aircraft and how high above the ground I am in the cockpit. It was very fun flying this aircraft.

#10 - Resting at the stand.

As the sun is almost down, the engines are switched off and the aircraft goes to sleep. It was surely one memorable flight

I hope you have enjoyed! I hope to post more in the Summer.


Fantastic snaps and great storyline! You have received my automatic Seal of Approval for including SFO in this topic!

The 747 is a beautiful aircraft, I really hope it is reworked some day.


Nice pictures ! I miss the 747… a lot ☹️


Beautiful photos! And yes the 747 is such a wonderful aircraft! :)

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I hear voting for it would help


747 needs wingflex


I can agree. :)

The Boeing 747 requires a compete rework from ground up. I would be looking forward towards a working cockpit more than completely relying on the HUD screen.


Those shots are beautiful ! :)

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This isn’t happening within our lifetimes. However I think many of us would be happy with just wingflex for now


I agree, I remember I used to see them all the time at SFO. Lufty, BAW, and (of course) United were all common.