Flying Offline: A flight through the Alps - Zurich to Milan

Flight LX1622

I have been away for a while, but it was fun to find some spare time to fly again. While I don’t have a pro subscription, I was interested to see what kind of regions we are offered at the moment. Without hesitating, I glanced at Europe to find Switzerland a great choice for scenic flights.

It was hard for me to find a real life flight that operates inside Switzerland using only a few aircraft. But I found a flight I recreated that joins two massive airports in the Swiss Capital Zürich to Milan in Northern Italy. Even though the flight is mainly operated with an Airbus A220, the Airbus A321 with the Swiss colours made the flight pleasant through all angles.

This is of course the first flight I have made in two years, so it was nice to see some building appear into the simulator! I am testing this using my new Motorola G50 phone after giving up with my 7 year old iPad Air.

Flight Information

Route: Zurich Airport LSZH 🇨🇭- Milan Lapensa Airport LIMC 🇮🇹

Server: Solo

Flight Time: 0:40 Hours

Time of Flight: 11th of April 2022

#1 - Parked up in Dock B

Once I have spawned in, I was amazed how different the scenery looks all around me. I am impressed how accurate that modeling is of the props, and found the jet-bridge feature amazing! We also have the Tug car too, but for some reason I was not able to view it in the replay.

#2 and #3 - Lining up into runway 28.

I really like the view of the Control Tower, and a reason why I like Zurich Airport is due to its cool runway layout. I was able to see the view of the other runway to the right.

#4 - Take off! 🛫

Probably my favourite screenshot here. Reminds me of a loading screen when joining in a flight. I will set this as my wallpaper.

#5 - Turning, view of the city of Zurich

You can also spot the airport just far ahead of the wing.

#6 , #7 and #8 - Cruising through the Alpanian mountains! 🏔️

The real reason why I chose to fly through Switzerland is because of the beautiful snowy capped mountains. I was cruising at an altitude of 19,000 feet which was quite low but was descending soon afterwards.

You can notice Flugplatz Meringen (or Meringen Airport) in the distance.

Entering the Italian Airspace, we are greeted with the view of Aeroporto Ambri (or Ambri Airport). That stretch of line in the mountain to the side of the airport are pipelines that are a part of the Ritom Hydroelectric Power Plant.

#9 - Descending into Milan Lapensa Airport.

I love how the approach enabled us to view the airport to the right. Great views of the Alps in the distance while entering a massive colourful city.

#10 - Touchdown into Milan, runway 35R 🛬

A nice last picture, sadly when I landed I realised one of Italy’s most important airports does not contain 3D buildings. So hopefully in the near future I would be able to take nicer pictures of the airport.

I hope you have enjoyed! I will hope to make more pictures some time soon over the Easter.