Flying NUE-PMI and back on the 17th

Hi guys! I have booked a trip for 4 days in sunny Mallorca! We are going to be flying AB like my last trip (I wasn’t on IFC then yet) who were amazing! Unlike last time instead of DE (Condor) we are flying back on AB as well! Expect to see lots of planespotting and a TR pretty much! Also, we booked with Neckermann (a Thomas Cook company as of 2015)

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Whoops forgot to post in RWA again facepalms

Very cool i hope you have great days in Mallorca. Im sure you will because is a really cool place :)

17th and the flight is AB 7356 IIRC but I’m probably wrong. Also guess what tour operator we booked with! It’s quite familiar to you and me…

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Oops I just remembered I posted it out loud 😡 that was probably easy LMAO

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Like I said IIRC, I’ll have to check. All I remeber is it was 4 digits and it started with a 7.

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It should be AB75__ something

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Well its my day of travel. Here is a pic before the aircraft gets here.

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AB7568, but it was a charter flight.

Amazing! I love AB. The service is amazing! Pictures are coming now

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Our chariot has arrived! Airberlin Airbus A321-100

After Takeoff
The seat (yes, it was the new slimline Recaro seat😡)

The pitiful IFE ( it was a two hole headphone jack and the FA didn’t understand when I asked for an adapter, so no sound) Also, the screen was incredibly dark.

Had a nice Buy on Board inflight snack of chips and a Fanta.

Taxiing at PMI (had the absolute smoothest landing ever)

For the Swiss IFC posters, here is a treat for you! A swiss registered AB A320. It is operated by Balair IIRC.

For the Brits who post on IFC ( I know there are a lot of you) here is your treat! A Jet2 Holidays sign on the airport building!
Thanks for reading my mini TR!

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So what did you guys think of the TR?

I think the photos, though I think it’s weird because AB does not have any A321-100s…

I meant 200s. Silly me

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