Flying My Freecam Around at the FNF

Man, I haven’t posted here in a while.
I Went for a brief spotting session at KSEA… just to see what my trigger fingers can do.

This here is @21cabbage going around over a jam-packed lineup. Wanted to get a good landing shot with my freecam escorting him, but a go around shot looks better! 👍🏻

An old/new parallel takeoff! How’d I get this you may ask? Well, I locked on to the old one and caught it at the right moment. If it weren’t for freecam, don’t know what my in-app art would be like. 😂

Just look for IFAEGAF BG Nate S and you could find yourself in a fantastic shot 😉📸
Freecam Wizard, Signing out!

Editor: Enlight


Awesome extremely edited photos!

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I have no words for the first one…
So pretty! Great job with these shots!


You really are the Free Cam wizard :)


You’re more better than me I am quite good at jamming it and having it hijack the free cam by itself



😱😱😱😱😱 nice shot Nate! Gotta love them trigger finger 😂🤫👌🏽📸

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