Flying metal tubes

Hello fellow metal tube enjoyers. I have returned.

I found a new spot which I’ll call the hill 2.0, it offers a great angle for west flowing traffic, enjoy!

A United 757-200 in the Evo Blue livery

A United 787-8 landing with a China Cargo 777F taxiing behind it

This was the thiccest of the thicc bois during this spotting trip

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this bird, the United Star Alliance 777-200

This guy was super early, over 2 hours ahead of schedule

b u t t e r

Delta Pencil

It started getting a little windy so some heavies were struggling

Baguette plane

And finally, hairdryers



Love the topic title lol, great photos aswell!


sometimes I wish the topic allowed for more than 10 pictures if they’re good like these. I could look at these all day.


Great pics once again @Xaro that star alliance livery was in ORD all day then went to San Francisco


The reason for violating the A340 that hard was…💀?


These are amazing! Especially the 767 and the A340!

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What location was that i’m looking at going either to Chicago or LA for plane spotting for my 18th birthday

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Nice flying metal tubes you got there 👍🏻


But wait, there’s more! Mismatched engine colors too.

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im pretty sure there’s not a single non evo blue 777 that has matching engine cowlings

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Yes, embrace the Flying metal tubes at O’Hare title:

Lovely photos Matt! I’m 90% sure I know where this spot is, but I’ll PM ya about it just to make sure.


Nice topic Name, And photos!

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The lil comments 🤣🤣😂😂
(I’m French so oui oui baguette)

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