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I don’t really have any good ideas for writing a description here, so all you need to know is it features flying Metal tubes at a hub for said Metal Tubes in a certain city called Chicago. From that, I took an optical instrument that gave me a visual product and then edited that into a slightly better-looking visual product. Got that? Cool, let’s go!

Firstly, this Emirates 777-300ER to Dubai

Next, this 747-8F bound for Anchorage

Then, this United 737-MAX 9 heading down to Fort Meyers

Changing departure positions (behind a fence), this American 737-MAX 8 rotating off for Miami

Sitcking with next-gen narrowbodies, this American A321-NEO bound for Tampa

Going to arrivals, this Lufthansa 747-8 from Frankfurt

Then, this United Express E175 coming from Norfolk

Following that, this Delta 757-200 arriving from Salt Lake City

Immediately after, this United 777-200ER from Denver

Wrapping up, this United 737-700 from Washington

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Very cool pictures @KTJ_Mitchell! :D

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Thanks, glad you like them!

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I love this topic 😂

Awesome pictures!

I plan to be a person who has been specifically trained to use a combination of handles, buttons, and instruments which are usually displayed on a glass screen in order to maneuver said flying metal tube in a specific direction in order to transport the humans and cargo pieces which are enclosed in the aforementioned flying metal tube to the correct destination, typically a collection of buildings, houses, and people, which is given a specific name, usually derived from the land’s past history which took place in the past, and takes up a portion of our planet Earth. In laymen’s terms, I wanna drive planes


Thank you for the writing in the language of English feedback in positive terms of the edited visual products displayed above you!


You should add an “All” option to the favourite picture poll

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Ha, your too kind!

I guess I’m too kind too lol, I agree with him.

I voted for 8 (delta pencil) but the United 737-700 is also 🔥

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Glad you like both of them!

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I go to that area by the fence SO MUCH. I’m actually heading out there tomorrow afternoon!

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Have a good time!

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Fort Meijer’s Nice shots John, can’t wait to head there myself in June!

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Thanks Devin, have a good time in Fort grocery store company based in Grand Rapids!

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Haha, I wish I could go back to Fort store that is based in a city in west Michigan, also named Grand Rapids, but I’ll be going to ORD instead 😂

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