Flying metal Machines

Hello IFC! I am back with another spotting topic. After squeezing the life out of my last spotting trip, I needed to go to back to the airport to get some fresh pictures. So, I’m back with some new pictures that I think your going to enjoy! Anyway, let’s get rolling!

Starting off is this Southwest 737-800 on a short, short final. This spot was awesome and I hope to return soon.

Next up, a Dassault Falcon 50! It was pretty cool to catch this tri-jet.

Another business jet, a Cessna CJ3+ blasting off runway 23R.

JetBlue. Airbus. Takeoff.

I love this shot! 😍

A350 double take. The resemblance is crazy. 👀

Interrupting your aircraft photos is this shot of the Raleigh Durham Tower. 🤩

Ramp shot of this American Eagle E175 getting ready to head out to Washington National.

If you look at the registration of this E175 and then go look at my other topic, you may see this guy again.

And last but no least, yet another biz jet. This Embraer Legacy 450 operates for Flexjet and had just landed from Allentown or KABE.

Thank you for viewing my pictures! I hope you enjoyed them!





Love this one the most! I wonder why

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Yeah the A220 really does look like a small A350


The A220 is a beautiful aircraft! 😍

Like father like son

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Oh. my. goodness. American Airlines i love you to much! Lovely Shots!

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Glad you like the shots! Thanks!

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